Located in Pleasanton California, Tri-Valley Community Television offers services for clients and video professionals to achieve their message and creative goals.

Our Crew is available for studio and remote field productions at any location. Please contact us for a quote for your specific project.

The Studio:

Our studio is available for rent raw or equipped, with or without our control room and with or without crew*. The facility houses an approx. 21 x14 ft. studio with several sets, 3 JVC 790U Pro HD cameras, Vinten 250 pedestals, Autoscript teleprompter, lighting grid that includes, projection screen, 5 Flo-Co Studio 4 light box panels, 3 Fresnel 2kw 8", 2 Fresnel 2kw 6", 12 Stage Lights 750w, 1 Colortran 2kw, 1 Berkey Beam light, 1 Berkey Colortran light, Chroma-key available.

The Control Room:

Adjacent to the studio, there is a separate HD Production Control room which includes a Ross Carbonite switcher, Mackie Onyx 24-4 audio board and a Chyron Graffiti character generator.

*A minimum of one TVCTV staff person is required to be on site for all rentals. Client to be responsible for staff fee(s). Clients may not store video on TVCTV servers. Client must bring a drive for their project. Clients will be required to provide a Certificate of Insurance for $1,000,000 listing Tri-Valley Community Television as additional insured with respect to general liability, loss and damage and fill out a rental agreement. Payment terms to be agreed upon prior to rental. TVCTV does not rent equipment for remote uses. TVCTV reserves the right to determine and refuse service based on the type of use requested and availability of the studio and equipment.

 For more information call 925.462.3030 and ask for Melissa Tench-Stevens.